My name is Shawna Riniker. I grew up in Dodgeville, WI. I went to college in Stevens Point, and have travelled all over the world. 15 countries (and counting!), including almost all of the U.S. My travels have made me so much more open minded and accepting to different people and their lifestyles. Ultimately, what I have learned is to capture who they are, and not make them into puppets for me. Candid photographs of people are what really make a photograph exceptional, I believe; A mother handing her son an ice cream cone, a dad gazing at his daughter as she walks down the aisle, a senior laughing at an inside joke he has with his hockey equipment. Those are the photographs I aim to capture. 


My style has been described as fun, unique, accepting, artistic and creative. Take a look at my work and see for yourself!


To learn more about myself and the work I do, contact me on the next tab through email or cell phone.